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BertramOldWarrior, also known as WoodenRails99, is the official YouTube channel for the series, Bertram: Old Warrior. It is run by Neil Lambert, the creator of the series!

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About the Show

Long before recorded time, the prophets spoke of an engine known only as the Old Warrior. A engine who would become a hero to many, setting events in motion that would forever shape railways to come.

Bertram's peaceful life changes forever when tragedy strikes when he least expects it. As he embarks on a brand new journey, Bertram's courage is put to the test as he is thrown into a world of mystery and adventure. With the help of his loyal friend, Proteus, Bertram dives right into the action be it helping fugitives or battling evil foes. Destiny calls for him to step up and become the Old Warrior!

This action-packed new series is based off the episode Toby's Discovery from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends and The Railway Series and takes place in the same universe! Now airing regularly on the BertramOldWarrior YouTube Channel!

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