Captivating isn’t it? The first time you are enclosed, encaptured by darkness, this never ending abyss - nothing in the world can prepare you for it. Nothing.


Series 1, Episode 3
Arwel Bertram rain
Air date July 10, 2020
Written by Neil Lambert
Directed by Neil Lambert

Clash is the third episode of the first series of Bertram: Old Warrior.

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It's a day of surprises for Bertram as he grapples with his fear of the mine and makes an enemy of the Alun Railway's alpha male, Arwel the Mine Engine.

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Caderyn Gerralt is pleased with Bertram's work and sends him to begin working in the mine. However, Bertram sees how dark and enclosed it is, he gets scared. Proteus arrives and encourages him but he rushes off to the yards.

There, he sees Arwel, the Mine Engine picking on Hywel who is struggling with a heavy train. Bertram offers to help but Arwel tells him not to and is shocked when Bertram stands up to him. Proteus tries to calm the situation but Arwel is furious and yells at Bertram as he and Hywel leave with the train.

At the loading bay, Hywel thanks Bertram who tells how Gwydion taught him to stand up to bullies. Bertram asks Hywel about his old railway but he quickly leaves saying he has more jobs to do. Bertram tries to enter the mine again but is still too scared.

Arwel vents to Mighty Mac and decides to show Bertram who's boss. They corner Bertram at the loading bay and, seeing his driver is on a tea break, Arwel rams Bertram and pushes to the edge of the ballast chute. Matthew arrives just in time and calls a stop to it, having been informed by Proteus. Arwel backs down, smug that he is back on top.

Later, still seething, Bertram tells Proteus he will give Arwel his just desserts. Proteus tries to make Bertram see it's not the way but Bertram tells him to stay out of it. It begins raining as Bertram makes his way to the mine where Arwel gleefully awaits. Seeing that Arwel's driver is now on a tea break, Bertram threatens to ram him to which Arwel encourages him to, taunting him about the mine. However, as Proteus arrives, Bertram realises he is better than Arwel to the point that he can rise above it. Suddenly the ground shakes, the rain having causes a rockfall. Bertram sees a small handcar, Neb at the entrance of the mine and realises that he will be crushed unless he acts. He rushes in, bumping Neb into the mine and getting out of the way of the rocks just in time.

In the mine, he meets Neb who sings him a song. Bertram realises that the mine is captivating and he feels at home in the darkness and, as Neb advises, embraces the shadows. Moreover, Neb shows him a secret passage but warns him to tell no one. As the mine entrance is cleared, Bertram apologises to Proteus and thanks him for having his back. Proteus tells him that destiny will always guide him back to the right path.

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