Huxley Billingsworth

Huxley Billingsworth was the assistant director of the Cynwrig Railway till its closure in 1905 after the death of Ellis Garth.

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Huxley was the assistant director of the Cynrwrig Railway where he was firm friends with Bertram and Gwydion and assistant to Ellis Garth.

In 1905, Huxley had to tearfully inform the engines that Garth had died and that they were to be sold. He said a sad farewell to Bertram after he was purchased by Caderyn Gerralt.

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Huxley was a jolly and kind man, always understanding of the engines' feelings. He was always sure to listen to Bertram in a crisis though was often perplexed by his solutions to problems. An American at heart, Huxley was never afraid to poke fun at Garth's British businessman approach to things. He was devastated by the death of Garth and showed true courage through the way he tried to pull through and be strong for the engines.

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