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Hywel is a quiet red engine who works on the Alun Railway. At first sight there's not much too him, but unbeknownst to the others Hywel hides a dark past...

Bio Edit

Little is know about Hywel's past but he was built in 1895 and arrived on the Alun Railway in 1901 under mysterious circumstances.

In 1905, Hywel was struggling with a heavy load, and being laughed at by Arwel and Mighty Mac. He was helped however by Bertram, a new engine, and together they made it to the depot. Hywel then made a swift exit when Bertram asked about his old railway.

Persona Edit

Hywel is quiet and appears quite shy, making him vulnerable to bullying engines like Arwel. However, it's soon clear that there's a lot more to Hywel than meets the eye...

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Trivia Edit

  • Behind the scenes, Hywel shares a face mask with Gwydion.

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