Mighty Mac
"This way Mighty!"
"No, this way Mac!"

—Mighty and Mac, Clash

Mighty Mac is a powerful but inexperienced double-ended Fairlie duplex locomotive working on the Alun Railway. Mighty, the more gruff of the pair, sports a flick of hair over his forehead, while Mac, the younger, sports freckles.

Bio Edit

Mighty Mac was built at Boston Lodge, in 1886, as one of a number of double-ended locos built for the Ffestiniog Railway over the years. However, the plans changed when Caderyn Gerralt won ownership of Mighty Mac in a drunken card game with the Ffestiniog Railway's dark horse, Charles Easton Spooner and Mighty Mac joined the Alun Railway.

Mighty Mac currently works in the shunting yards, preparing trains and moving trucks and also serves as a lackey to Arwel. In 1905, he met Bertram whom he later assisted Arwel in frightening at the ballast chute.

Persona Edit

Mighty Mac is a powerful but inexperienced engine, easily influenced by those of a more dominant manner, as seen in their loyalty to Arwel. While the pair argue a lot, they are strong when they work together.

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