E3 Neb
Songs, young one! You need to broaden your music knowledge!

—Neb, Clash

Neb is a quirky little handcar who works on the Alun Railway.

Bio Edit

Neb was purchased by Hans Gerralt from a place called Sodor, and passed down to his son Caderyn Gerralt years later.

In 1905, Neb met Bertram after he saved him a rockfall at the Alun Railway mine. Neb, in turn, showed him a secret exit to the mine but told him to keep it a secret. He called Bertram, "young warrior".

Personality Edit

Although he isn't very strong, Neb makes up for this in spirit! He is cultured with a particular fondness of the popular music at the time and, if you're lucky, he might sing you a tune or two!

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