Season 1 of Bertram: Old Warrior started airing regularly with its first episode on September 18th, 2015.

Episodes Edit

  1. Genesis - Bertram's world is rocked to the core with some devastating news.
  2. Adapt - Bertram arrives on the Alun Railway and befriends the mysterious Proteus who persuades him to stay.
  3. Clash - Bertram finds himself at loggerheads with Arwel, the mines engine and learns what it's like work in the mines.
  4. Fugitive - Bertram risks everything to help an engine on the run from scrap dealers.
  5. Secret - Shy Hywel has a dark secret. As the truth begins to spread, Bertram begins to lose of control of the situation.
  6. Scrap - Bertram, Proteus and Hywel must fight for survival as they try to escape Albert Woodham's clutches.
  7. Reunion - TBA
  8. Wicked - TBA
  9. Superweapon - TBA
  10. Unity - TBA
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